Binance – How to set up an account and start trading

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Binance is currently one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and is currently the largest exchange in the world in terms of the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. You can instantly buy/sell your cryptocurrencies on Binance. Binance currently offers both Spot and Future trading on its exchange. Along with that, they have also introduced Staking, Earning, and many other interesting features. But the biggest and most useful feature that Binance has been offering to its Pakistani customers is its P2P marketplace where you can easily buy cryptocurrency in exchange for your PKR which you can deposit through Bank Transfer and other payment gateway systems. Read more about it @(ADD HOW TO BUY ARTICLE LINK) Binance is also undoubtedly the biggest and most renowned exchange in Pakistan. It has a lot of active presence in Pakistan. Along with Binance’s Pakistan centric social media platforms like their Twitter platform , they also hold regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) live streams on their official Youtube account in Urdu . They have also regularly used Pakistan’s national Urdu language in their announcements and advertisements to the Pakistani public. 

To register on Binance and start trading on Binance’s exchange, you initially need to download its application on your mobile which is available on both Android and IOS platforms. You can also use Binance’s services through its website . The registration process is pretty streamlined and easy. After entering the required credentials, adding your e-mail and phone number for two-factor authentication, you will be instructed to upload a photo of your CNIC card (front and back). This comes under Binance KYC (know your customer) protocol and further strengthens the security of your account and assets. Note that only CNIC cards that have your name and other details written in English will be approved and without KYC confirmation you can not use the services of Binance. After approval of KYC from Binance, you are good to go and can now start trading on Binance. 

To buy cryptocurrencies, you need stable coins such as USDT and BUSD to swap them with the cryptocurrency you need to buy. So firstly you will have to buy the stable coins through the Binance P2P marketplace @(ADD HOW TO BUY ARTICLE LINK). After you have acquired some stable coins in your wallet, you can trade on both spot trading and futures trading. We strongly advise you to only trade in spot and stay away from futures for a good month or two, or until you have gathered enough knowledge.

You are now good to go and can happily trade in cryptocurrency on Binance and earn! 

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