25 hot crypto language terms to remember

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  • Market Capitalization (MCAP)

It is the total value of all the coins/tokens fluctuating across networks. High MCAP coins are safe projects to invest in which appeals to investors. The formula for MCAP is to multiply the current market price with the total no. of coins.

  • Mooning

When a coin’s price is skyrocketed beyond expectations, referred to as moon or “to the moon”

  • Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are collectable items possessing unique values of ownership and exclusivity. Digital art, internet memes, fan collectables, historical memorabilia existing virtually are some examples of NFTs. NFTs are a part of the blockchain ecosystem (usually on Ethereum blockchain).

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P)

The direct transfer of funds or ownership without the use of a third party channel or any involvement (banks, vendors, state or government)

  • Public Key and Private Key

Public key or address acts as your bank account no. or IBAN. Intended to share with the public, allowing both parties to transfer/deposit funds. Private Key is your unique ID just like your account credentials or OTP, not to be shared with anyone.

  • Pump and dump

Artificial price inflation of a coin by spreading rumours, false marketing and hype. These types of dirty tactics are played by the wealthy to inflate their profits.

  • REKT

When a trader loses more than he had expected. Liquidation of funds in a future trade or buying of assets at an ATH is considered to be “REKT”. Derived from wrecked.

(TIP: To avoid getting REKT, follow onion crypto signals)

  • Stable coin or Digital FIAT

Cryptocurrencies pegged with a stable state administered currency (Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro). USDT, BUSD are examples of stablecoins. FIAT cryptocurrency allows users to buy other types of crypto coins.

  • Shilling

Act of promotion or creating hype about a certain crypto coin. When your peers pitch you a new crypto project, She or he is shilling with you.

  • Token swap

When a user transfers crypto assets from one blockchain network to another network. Sometimes, crypto assets are converted to another form of cryptocurrency and whilst some networks don’t require conversion.

  • Whale

Giants of the trade realm, who have high investment and influence over the market and they have the power to manipulate the market structure, albeit shortly, which can be risky for other crypto traders.

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